We talk a lot about “makers” at MakeCrate, and if you’ve been wondering what a “maker” is, it’s time to learn all about Maker Culture!

Definition: A maker is a person (or thing) that makes or produces something.

When we talk about makers, we’re referring to kids & adults who enjoy creating new things, as well as tinkering with existing ones – usually involving technology in some way: that’s probably YOU!

A maker could be anyone: you’re a maker if you’re 4 years old and build something out of Legos; you’re a maker if you invent a new kind of cell phone. It doesn’t matter what you’re making – as long as you’re creating something to share with the world, you’re a maker!

The Arduino board, the circuit board and software we use at MakeCrate, is considered to be one of the most important facets of modern maker culture: because of its easy-to-learn coding language, affordability and its open-sourced nature, it’s possible for pretty much ANYONE to create whatever they can dream up.

Most contemporary “makers” dabble in electronics, robotics, metal & woodworking, and traditional arts & crafts. They use technology, like the Arduino, as the backbone of their projects, or as a supplement to make them more dynamic.

Maker culture, at the end of the day, is focused on learning and trying new things – and who doesn’t love that? Do you consider yourself a maker?