Valentine’s Day is a great time to get kids excited about STEM.  STEM engineering and coding projects can be used to combine holiday cheer with science, technology, engineering, and math to inspire kids’ love of all things STEM.

Check out these great STEM projects for Valentine’s Day!  Kids can learn engineering and some coding while they build fun gifts to give and things to play with.  

stem outdoors number 1

Build a squishable circuit

Use squishy circuits and squishy dough to create a hear-shaped circuit. Kids learn about electricity and engineering while getting to play with Play-Doh! What more can you ask for. Check out the original post from Steamsational and find out more about squishy circuits.

Make an LED rose

Make a great gift for Mom while building some STEAM skills.  This LED rose project from Teach Beside Me will get kids excited about engineering and electronics while they embrace their creative sides.  


stem outdoors number 2
stem outdoors number 3

Launch some love!

Inspire some building and making excitement along with some competitive spirit with candy heart catapults.  See who can launch their heart the farthest by perfecting their engineering skills.  See project directions from Stir the Wonder.

Make a coded Valentine bracelet

Learn binary code while making jewelry.  This great engineering and coding project falls right into the STEAM category by combining technology and art. Use red and white or pink beads to resemble 1’s and 0’s and code a secret message with the binary alphabet.  See full instructions at Little Bins for Little Hands.

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stem outdoors number 5

Code and send a Valentine’s message on an LED matrix

Write and send messages of love using an LED matrix.  This engineering and coding STEM project teaches basic electronics skills and coding fundamentals and sign up is free!  

MakeCrate engineering and coding projects inspire creative technology use as well.  Subscriptions include projects to create music or build their own games. Shop subscription kits today!