Taking STEM on the Road

Are you hitting the road this summer? Road trips are a mainstay of summer time!  Traveling to new destinations, combined with lots of time in the car, allow for lots of opportunities to keep minds active and engaged while you are on the road.  

Here are some fun activities that will help you incorporate STEM into your family road trip this summer. 

stem outdoors number 1

Track your heartbeat and health on the road.

Use pedometers to track your daily steps, and create graphs to track them over time.  Teach the kids how to take their heartbeats, and track and graph them after various activities to see how they go up and down.  

Try geocaching!

Go on a treasure hunt just about anywhere.  Geocaching uses GPS coordinates to find locations where locals have hidden treasures.  Before you head out, be sure to stock up on some trinkets of your own to leave behind when you find a cache!  Check out https://www.geocaching.com/play for more information and to get started. 
stem outdoors number 2
stem outdoors number 3

Track flora and fauna.

Buy some journals and some colored pencils or pens and track what you are seeing with pictures and notes.  Not sure what you are looking at? Use one of the many apps available that identify plants and animals with a quick snap of a picture.  We like iNaturalist.

Plan a STEM-focused stop.

The Association of Science-Technology Centers has a search feature to find science centers and museums across the country and the world.  Check it out here!
stem outdoors number 4
stem outdoors number 5

Teach vacation budgeting!

Before you head out, talk to kids about how much you can spend on your trip.  Let them help make decisions about where to stay, what to eat, and where to visit based on your family budget.  Give each kid a budget for things like souvenirs and snacks.
MakeCrate engineering and coding projects can be great fun on the road as well!  Subscriptions include projects to measure soil moisture in your garden, or create a weather station to see what’s happening outdoors.  Shop subscription kits today!