Summer has arrived, and somehow everyone’s already bored or sucked inside of a television. Panic has set in and you’re wondering how to keep little minds learning, growing and occupying themselves with constructive creativity. Well, you’re in luck – Here’s our Summer STEM Bucket List – a simple list of TEN activities and hands-on projects (some requiring supervision, and some not) to keep your future engineers engaged for these next school-free months.

  1. Use math and measurement to build a Pool Noodle Periscope
  2. Combine science and history with a Propeller Paper Airplane
  3. Build a simple Sundial with seashells!
  4. Make a Glow-in-the-Dark Flower using different methods.
  5. Create a light-up Play-Doh creature!
  6. Learn practical physics by building a catapult.
  7. Engineer your own protective device for an egg dropped at different heights.
  8. Build a circuit board & learn engineering with MakeCrate – of course!
  9. Learn about inertia and thrust with a propeller car
  10. Bring a little winter to summertime with Salt Crystal Snowflakes

We think these projects are a great supplement to summer vacation, but they’re no substitution for our MakeCrate boxes. Consider getting a subscription for the summer and watch your kids fall in love with engineering and coding!