Our free STEM projects and puzzles will help get kids excited about STEM!

Build circuits to learn engineering skills.  Write code to develop programming skills .  Solve logic problems to develop analytical thinking. New puzzles and projects added often, so keep coming back for more!


Valentine’s Projects to Make You LOVE STEM!

Valentine's Day is a great time to get kids excited about STEM.  STEM engineering and coding projects can be used to combine holiday cheer with science, technology, engineering, and math to inspire kids' love of all things STEM. Check out these great STEM projects for...

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STEM Project Based Learning Outcomes

Project-based learning is where students gain knowledge and skills by investigating and responding to authentic, engaging, and complex questions, problems or challenges. It’s a teaching method you’ll often find in classrooms, homeschools and learning centers, and -...

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Low Cost Alternatives to After School Coding Camp

Parents can spend up to $1,000 a month on after school coding camps, hoping to instill the life-long value of STEM skills in their children. We get it: learning STEM is important, and we think that being exposed to coding as early as possible makes for a...

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$5 STEM Fun!

STEM is for everyone! And it doesn't take too long or too much money for your kiddos (or you!) to learn essential skills in science and engineering. We pulled together three projects that don't take too much time or cash - and still give you a fun time,...

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5 ways to get tech into your homeschool classroom

Take a Field Trip Take virtual field trips to the cultures, times and places you’re learning about in your current curriculum. Have students do independent research on a home computer, compiling photos and information, and maybe even have them teach YOU what they’ve...

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Making Screentime Productive

Making Screentime Productive There are lots of articles that discuss why screen time is bad for kids, and explain how much screen time is good for kids, as well as tools for limiting it. Out-of-school time creates more time for parents and students to argue about...

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Taking STEM on the Road

Taking STEM on the Road Are you hitting the road this summer? Road trips are a mainstay of summer time!  Traveling to new destinations, combined with lots of time in the car, allow for lots of opportunities to keep minds active and engaged while you are on the road.  ...

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Summer STEM Fun!

Summer has arrived, and somehow everyone’s already bored or sucked inside of a television. Panic has set in and you’re wondering how to keep little minds learning, growing and occupying themselves with constructive creativity. Well, you’re in luck - Here’s our Summer...

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Makerspace Essentials

According to John Spencer, co-author of Launch: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student, a makerspace is “...simply a space designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity.” When we think of a makerspace, we think of an area in...

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Recycling Logic Puzzle

Test your problem solving ability with this recycling logic puzzler!Four recycling trucks arrive in different days, and in different times, to collect recycling materials.What is the color of the truck that collects batteries? Use the chart and clues below to help you...

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