Homeschool STEM education requires resources specifically designed to meet the needs of parents and kids learning at home.  Our content resources will help you get your homeschooled students the engineering and coding skills they need for today’s world, from the comfort of your homeschool!  

5 Great STEM Activities for Outdoors

5 Great STEM Activities for OutdoorsSpring is here!  The beautiful weather calls us outside, and creates the perfect opportunity to bring learning outdoors. Check out these ideas to encourage STEM learning while taking advantage of the great outdoors!...

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5 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is Thursday, March 14! Check out our History of Pi article, and celebrate the day with these great activities: Make a Pi bracelet! Buy small beads in 10 colors, and some string.  Let each color represent the digits from 0 to 9. String your beads in the order of...

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Get Kids Coding for Free

Learning to code teaches kids valuable skills. Kids who learn to code will be prepared with the tools they need for the jobs of the future, while they hone their creative thinking skills and learn persistence, systematic reasoning, and collaboration. While most...

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Free coding and engineering course

Free Coding and Engineering Course!Engineering and coding skills are invaluable for kids today, and our free course is a great way to get them started learning. Looking to learn how to build electronics and write code? Already know how but hoping to...

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Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Most Americans love their laptops, tablets, and smart phones, but according to a recent study by the  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)  few Americans know much about how their favorite technologies work. When it comes to using...

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STEM resources for Homeschoolers!

Check out MakeCrate’s products specifically designed to help bring the best hands-on STEM education to your homeschool.  Special homeschool kits include digital access for multiple family members as well as monthly homeschool focused webinars with our teaching team. 


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