STEM concepts, including engineering, coding, and more, are important for kids! Dive into robotics concepts.  Learn STEM fundamentals like how electronic components work.  See how basic coding principles can be applied.  And explore STEM ideas like problem solving, critical thinking, and design thinking.  

Robots Every Day!

MakeCrate’s Robox, an educational robot subscription, is designed to teach kids how to build and program robots- great skills to have as robots become more and more prevalent in our everyday lives.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways that robots...

A Brief History of Pi

While there's a "food holiday" for just about everything you love to eat, it turns out there are actually two separate days every year when people come together to celebrate pie: National Pie Day on January 23 and Pi Day on March 14. As you can imagine, it's easy to...

What is a microcontroller?

All of our MakeCrate electronics subscription kits use an Arduino microcontroller as well as a variety of digital and analog sensors and displays to create nightlights, calculators, room alarms, and more. Because the microcontroller is a fundamental part of every...

Circuit Basics: Electricity Flow

Transcript: Let's take a look at the steps required to build a circuit that allows electricity to flow correctly. In each of the projects that we build at MakeCrate, we start by connecting a wire to the 5V connection on our Arduino to our breadboard, and then...

While loops

A common coding structure is the while loop. This is used when you need an action or event to occur for the entire time a condition is met or another action is occurring, but not at other times.  To understand this in more depth, watch this video and learn about while...

If-Then Statements

If you are writing some code and need an event to occur only when some other event has occurred or a specific condition has been met, an if-then statement might come in handy.  Explore how these work in the Arduino IDE:  

For Loops

There are a few programming structures that are common across languages.  For-loops are one of those.  For  loops are commonly used when an action needs to be performed a specific number of times. Take a look at this video to begin to learn to build a working for-loop...

Find products to help teach kids important STEM concepts!

MakeCrate classroom kits and subscription boxes teach kids fundamental coding and engineering skills so that they can embrace their inner STEM hero.  Fun, hands-on projects and an online learning platform help kids master problem solving and critical thinking while having fun!  Check out some of our products below, or shop our full product line. 


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