Looking for some science resources for teaching at home?  We can help! our list of online science resources includes a wide variety of formats to help out any middle and high school learners.  From fully online curriculums to video libraries, we’ve got a science solution that will keep your middle or high school student engaged and learning.  

Khan Academy is a personal favorite of our founder, who uses it to help her community college students succeed.  While it started as a latform focused on math, it now included science curriculum.  Parents can set up accounts to track student progress, and students are rewarded with badges and points as they work their way through content.  Units include videos and exercises designed to achieve mastery.

CK-12 has middle school and high school science lessons online for free.  There is a complete text for several science subjects, as well as curated topics based on their popularity each month. Along with the content on their website, you can download free e-reader versions of their texts from Amazon. 

Developed by the Georgia Board of Education, Georgia Virtual has a full spectrum of science resources for teaching middle and high schoolers at home.  Students can walk through topical explanations online and complete online exercises for free.  

We really really love the name of this one. And it provides a full library of video content for a number of science subjects, as well as links to other science curricula.  

While it doesn’t have lesson plans or a prepared curriculum, the NSF website contains a number of resources in a variety of science subjects that parents or teachers can use to teach at home.  Students can explore topics to support other resources they are using, or find a new subject they love.  

Similar to the NSF resources, MIT Blossoms provides lots of video resources in a number of subjects that can be used to support and deepen existing lesson plans, or as a way for students to explore and find out what is most interesting to them.   

We hope you find these science resources for teaching at home useful.  If you are looking for another way to add to your learn-at-home curriculum, consider coding and engineering!  A MakeCrate subscription includes all the parts you’ll need and online video tutorials, coding lessons, code, and instructions to build and code 25+ cool circuits.