MakeCrate’s Robox, an educational robot subscription, is designed to teach kids how to build and program robots- great skills to have as robots become more and more prevalent in our everyday lives.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways that robots help us out on a daily basis!


They save lives!

Two robotic snakes developed by a robotics team from Carnegie Mellon were used after a 2017 earthquake in Mexico to search the rubble for survivors.  Equipped with lights and cameras, the snake robots are designed to move through tight spaces without disturbing the structures around them.

They make coffee!

The Briggo coffee robot, featured in the Austin airport (that’s our hometown, y’all!) makes a really, really great latte, without misspelling your name on the side of your cup.  

They clean the house!

The Roomba, a robotic vacuum from iRobot, a robotics company founder by Helen Greiner, vacuums your house so you don’t have to!

They perform surgery!

Robotic surgeries have allowed for complicated procedures to become less invasive, reducing recovery times and improving outcomes.

They deactivate bombs!

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) robots are used by the military and law enforcement to examine suspicious packages and defuse explosives.

They explore space!

NASA is set to send three Astrobee robots to the International Space Station in the near future.  The robot bees will float around the station and perform research, housekeeping, and monitoring functions.

They mix drinks!

Royal Caribbean cruise lines use robotic bartenders to mix 2 drinks a minute- 1000’s of drinks per day!

They fight fires!

The Turbine Aided Firefighting Machine (TAF 20) moves through small spaces, clearing debris, removing smoke, and spraying water.  

They teach!

A social robot named Tega is being tested by MIT researchers in Boston schools.  It takes turns with students as they work through activities, and provides support and encouragement as needed.

They win at Rochambeau!

  1. The Japanese Janken robot is designed only to play the ages-old game of rock, paper, scissors, and it wins every time!  It’s super-fast ability to see what it opponents do and respond instantly guarantees it a win.