Test your problem solving ability with this recycling logic puzzler!

Four recycling trucks arrive in different days, and in different times, to collect recycling materials.
What is the color of the truck that collects batteries? Use the chart and clues below to help you solve the puzzle.  

1. The truck arriving at 5:00 is orange.
2. The glass’ truck arrives the day after the aluminum’s truck.
3. The paper’s truck arrives either on Thursday or at 7:00.
4. The blue truck arrives one hour after the yellow one.
5. Aluminum is collected at 6:00 or 7:00.
6. Friday’s truck arrives at 7:00 or 8:00. Paper is not collected at 8:00.
7. Batteries are collected the day before the green truck arrives.
8. Thursday’s truck doesn’t arrive at 8:00. Tuesday’s truck isn’t blue.
9. Wednesday’s truck is for aluminum or is orange.

Get help solving the puzzle!

Thanks to Brainzilla for this puzzle!  You can work out the solution on their site.  

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