The team at MakeCrate loves automation and we are ready adopters of just about any tool to increase efficiency and eliminate chores. So today we are celebrating Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot, and one of the designers of the iRobot Roomba -a self-driving vacuum cleaner that keeps floors clean and pets entertained while you get more important or interesting things done.

Greiner’s interest in robotics started at an early age, when she began taking her older brother’s remote control cars, and claimed the family’s first computer as her own.  After seeing Star Wars, she developed an infatuation with R2D2, vowed to create a robot of her own, and the rest is history!

Born in London, Greiner and her family moved to the US when she was 5, and lived outside of New York City.  She attended MIT to study robotics and artificial intelligence, and in 1990 founded IS robotics with two other roboticists she met there.  The company grew into iRobot, and since its inception has sold more than 20 million home robots!

We hope that Greiner’s story and our Robox subscription will inspire the next generation of roboticists!



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