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Learn the basics and more with a 6-month subscription.  Learn coding logic, structure, and syntax while lighting up LEDs, making buzzers buzz, driving a circuit with a button, building a nightlight, monitoring a plant’s soil  moisture level, constructing a calculator, measuring distance with sound, and and creating a light-up musical instrument.

All the parts you’ll need to build at least 2 circuits a month will arrive on your doorstep.  Subscription also includes a 6-month MakeCrate digital content subscription with online instructions, video tutorials, Q&A forum, troubleshooting guides, and more.

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Month 1

In your first month of a MakeCrate 6-month subscription, you’ll learn how to set up your microcontroller and build simple circuits using LEDs, buzzers, and buttons while learning coding fundamentals.

Month 2

In your second month of  a MakeCrate 6-month subscription, you’l experiment with light and sound, creating a few variations of a nightlight as well as creating sound by altering light levels.  Explore the concept of resistance in circuits while continuing to expand your coding skills.

Month 3

In the third month of your MakeCrate  subscription you’ll use LED Matrices, expand your coding knowledge to include using libraries and arrays, and practice your morse code abilities!

Month 4

In your fourth month of a MakeCrate 6-month subscription, you’ll use keypads to create music and math!  You’l also study how colors change with an RGB LED and learn to use a Liquid Crystal Display.

Month 5

In month 5, you’ll use an ultrasonic sensor and use echos to measure distance. Practice some math skills while creating a ruler and an alarm that both use distance.

Month 6

In the last month of your MakeCrate 6-month subscription you’ll explore the concept of time and see a few ways that your microcontroller can be used to track time while continuing to learn how to use various output devices and improving your coding skills.


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