12 Month Prepaid Subscription


Master coding and electronics with a full year of MakeCrate.

Code more than 25 projects while learning to incorporate more than 40 different components into your circuits.  Watch as your learning progresses and you combine components into new and more complicated circuits and master the coding skills to make them work.


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Month 1

In your first month of a MakeCrate subscription, you’ll learn how to set up your microcontroller and build simple circuits using LEDs, buzzers, and buttons while learning coding fundamentals.

Month 2

In your second month of  a MakeCrate  subscription, you’l experiment with light and sound, creating a few variations of a nightlight as well as creating sound by altering light levels.  Explore the concept of resistance in circuits while continuing to expand your coding skills.

Month 3

In the last month of your MakeCrate subscription you’ll use LED Matrices, expand your coding knowledge to include using libraries and arrays, and practice your morse code abilities!

Month 4

In your fourth month of a MakeCrate  subscription, you’ll use keypads to create music and math!  You’l also study how colors change with an RGB LED and learn to use a Liquid Crystal Display.

Month 5

In month 5, you’ll use an ultrasonic sensor and use echos to measure distance. Practice some math skills while creating a ruler and an alarm that both use distance.

Month 6

In month 6, you’ll explore the concept of time and see a few ways that your microcontroller can be used to track time while continuing to learn how to use various output devices and improving your coding skills.

Month 7

In your seventh month of a MakeCrate  subscription, you’ll explore various ways to code and produce music.  Using buttons, distance, and your own ability to conduct electricity to create three instruments.

Month 8

In month 8, you’ll create some classic games with your microcontroller.  Use joysticks, buttons, anda new display to test your memory and reflexes.

Month 9

In month 9, use what you’ve learned about displays and analog sensors to track and display weather phenomena.

Month 10

In your tenth month, learn how to use motion and magnetic sensors and combine your previous knowledge for coding, buzzers and LEDs to create some alarms to keep your room protected!

Month 11

In month 11, you’ll use remote control to drive some components you’ve mastered before, as well as learn to attach and control a motor.

Month 12

In the last month of your MakeCrate  subscription you’ll tie everything you’ve learned together by learning how to control your projects via Bluetooth.  Turn circuits on and off and send and receive serial output after you learn to attach a Blietooth sensor to your circuit and code it.


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