Nightlight Kit Introduction

Welcome to the MakeCrate Nightlight Kit!  Here are some tips and hints for getting the most out of your kit.

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3 thoughts on “Nightlight Kit Introduction

  1. We have constructed the kit twice now (stage one) with just the photoresistor and its is not functioning. I have come to this page to “get more help” and none of the pages related to what I want are functioning (404 errors)

    I am wondering if the printed schematics are correct. Are there PDF’s of the diagram?

    1. Andrew,

      It appears that the troubleshooting post was miscategorized, which is why you couldn’t see it. I’ve fixed it now, and hopefully you’ll find something in there that’ll help you sort out the problem. I don’t believe there are any issues with the diagrams.

      If you can’t get it working, post an image of your circuit, or a video, and we’ll see if I can help that way.

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