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What Will I Build?

All projects are designed to introduce and reinforce engineering, electronics, and coding skills, including problem solving, troubleshooting, circuit design, algorithm development, and writing and testing code.

Instructions and videos are produced by a team of educators and are designed to ensure that directions are clear and concise. Projects undergo extensive user-testing to ensure that subscribers are successful.

All kits include an Uno microcontroller, acrylic baseplate, breadboard, resistors, jumper wires, and monthly step-by-step printed instructions. All subscribers get access the the MakeCrate Community, an online forum with video tutorials, challenge projects, troubleshooting guides, and a question-and-answer portal.

Check out a sample of our step-by-step instructions.

Here are some of the sensors you’ll learn to use with a MakeCrate project kit or subscription: 

  • LEDs
  • piezo buzzers
  • pushbuttons
  • photoresistors
  • sound sensor
  • soil-moisture sensor
  • LED matrix display


  • ultrasonic distance sensor
  • 9-digit keypad
  • liquid crystal displays
  • RGB LEDs
  • potentiometers


  • pulse sensor
  • servo motors
  • 7-segment display
  • real-time clock module
  • motion sensor
  • joystick