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Ready to learn Arduino and coding but not sure how to get started?  Free engineering and coding classes from MakeCrate are a great way to begin.

Our free courses offer you step-by-step illustrated instruction for both learning Arduino and coding.  You’ll get part lists so you know what you need to build the projects (or you can subscribe to MakeCrate and we’ll send you parts for even more projects!)

You can get started with some simple drag and drop coding, or build some fun machines that read Morse Code or create cool lighting effects.

Get started learning Arduino and coding by signing up today.  Just click on any course to begin.Once you get started, join MakeCrate to keep the learning going!  We offer 3,6 and 12-month engineering subscriptions to take your learning to the next level.  Or check out a Robox subscription and use your Arduino and coding knowledge to build your very own robot.  Don’t need parts, or prefer to buy your own?  Try a digital subscription with a free 2-week trial.

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Get Started with Arduino and Coding with these courses!

Drag and Drop Coding

Learn to use a drag-and-drop coding editor.

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lights and sounds engineering subscription project

Build an Optical Theremin

Build a musical instrument that uses light to control sound.

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Serial and Parallel Circuits

Learn the differences between serial and parallel circuits.

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Build a Color Changer

Watch how colors mix by coding a red-green-blue LED.

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Visualize Resistance in Action

Watch how various levels of resistance change behavior in your circuit.

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Build a Morse Code Reader

Learn to send and interpret Morse Code

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Build an LED Message Machine

Learn to write messages that scroll with an LED matrix

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hand washing timerphoto

Hand Washing Timers

Stay safe and clean during the pandemic with these different ways to time your hand-washing.

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You can learn Arduino and coding as well as engineering and robotics with more than 20 courses and 30+ projects.  (Digital subscriptions do not include parts, but courses provide helpful links to shop for your own.)

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