Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

What comes in the MakeCrate Starter Kit?

Your MakeCrate Starter Kit contains your Arduino microcontroller (a small circuit board that serves as the “brains” for your project), a breadboard for prototyping, and the parts you’ll need for three introductory projects. In addition, you’ll get access to a downloadable parts manual that explains how each of the parts in your kit works, printable step-by-step instructions for setting up your board and building your projects, and access to the MakeCrate video portal with coding and building tutorials online.

What do I get each month after I receive my Starter Kit?

In subsequent months, you’ll receive the sensors, displays, wires, and other parts you need to complete a new project, and access to additional video content and downloadable instructins

Does everything I need come in the box?

You won’t need any equipment other than a computer to complete your MakeCrate projects. No soldering or tools are required other than what comes in the kit.

Do I need a computer to use MakeCrate?

Yes; in order to write and run the code that the projects use, you’ll need a computer and internet access.

Do the kits include instructions?

Yes! Each kit contains step-by-step written and illustrated instructions, written by teachers and tested on users to ensure your success with each project.

What other resources are available if I get stuck?

We’ll post a full video demonstration on our subscriber-only portal to walk you through the process and highlight typical troublesome spots to help you troubleshoot your projects.

What ages is MakeCrate recommended for?

MakeCrate is designed for makers of all ages, but has been field-tested for makers ages 13 and up. Users should be able to read independently, have good hand-eye coordination, and be able to follow instructions in order and with precision.

Do you have any MakeCrates for younger children?

Not yet, but plans are in the works, and if you join our mailing list, we’ll let you know as soon as something is available.

Do you have any MakeCrates for more advanced users?

Not yet, but plans are in the works, and if you join our mailing list, we’ll let you know as soon as something is available.

I’m a teacher and I’d like to use MakeCrate in my classroom. Do you have bulk pricing for kits?

We do offer bulk pricing for teachers. Please email us at education@summer-2019-update.mystagingwebsite.com for more information.  Recommended for grades 6 and up.

Gift Questions

Will my gift subscription renew?

Only our auto-renewing subscriptions will renew on a monthly basis.  If you purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, it will expire at the end of the period and you will not be charged any more.  Options exist to extend these subscriptions if you’d like.

Billing Questions

How much does MakeCrate cost?

The cost ranges from $30 per month to $40 per month, depending on the length of the subscription you choose.

When will I be billed for MakeCrate?

Monthly subscriptions renew on the monthly anniversary of your purchase.  . Three, six, and twelve month subscriptions are paid in full at the beginning,and do not renew.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions are all pre-paid and can not be cancelled.

Will my subscription renew automatically?

If you’ve purchased an auto-renew subscription, you’ll get an email reminder each month before it renews.  You can cancel yourself by logging into your account.

Shipping Questions

What are the shipping charges?

MakeCrate ships free within the United States.

My MakeCrate hasn’t arrived this month. What should I do?

We’re very sorry you didn’t receive your project. Please contact us and we’ll be sure one is sent to you right away.

My MakeCrate was damaged this month. Can you help?

Please contact us with a list of the damaged parts, and we’ll happily send you replacement parts as quickly as we can.

When will my MakeCrate ship each month?

We ship within 3-5 days of your original order and then on the anniversary of your order each month.