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Hand Washing Timers

Stay safe and clean during the pandemic with these different ways to time your hand-washing.

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Build an LED Message Machine

Learn to write messages that scroll with an LED matrix

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Build a Morse Code Reader

Learn to send and interpret Morse Code

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Visualize Resistance in Action

Watch how various levels of resistance change behavior in your circuit.

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Build a Color Changer

Watch how colors mix by coding a red-green-blue LED.

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Serial and Parallel Circuits

Learn the differences between serial and parallel circuits.

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lights and sounds engineering subscription project

Build an Optical Theremin

Build a musical instrument that uses light to control sound.

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Drag and Drop Coding

Learn to use a drag-and-drop coding editor.

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Latest Blog Posts

How do I know what level of resistance my resistor has?

How do I know what level resistance my resistor has? Through hole resistors like the ones in your projects have a series of bands on them that indicate how much resistance they provide. A resistor chart like the one below helps to decode the bands: For example, let’s...

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How does a resistor work?

How does a resistor work? Many of your MakeCrate projects call for resistors of various strengths in the circuits, so you may be wondering what a resistor does, how they work, and what happens if you leave them out. Our article “How does an LED Work?”  introduced the...

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How does an LED work?

Light-emitting diodes – commonly called LEDs– are found in several your MakeCrate projects. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and intensities. Our directions and videos emphasize that the LEDs must always be connected in the correct direction, and if you reverse...

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Adding a Library to Arduino

Many of the programs you'll write to run your projects require library files. These are files containing functions that someone else has already written that simplify program writing. Watch this tutorial to see how to install a library for Arduino....

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Uploading Code to Your Arduino

Once you've got all the software you need on your computer, you'll need to learn how to upload code to your Arduino board.  This tutorial walks you through that process.  

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