Get Started with Arduino Today!

Looking to learn how to use microcontrollers to build and code great projects, but not sure how to get started? Our beginner’s guide can help!  The downloadable e-book includes:

  • an introduction to microcontrollers
  • a guide for getting started with Arduino
  • 3 fun intro projects with step-by-step illustrated instructions and code
  • resources to help you keep learning



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What is MakeCrate?

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Monthly Subscription Box

All the parts you need to build a fun machine each month, delivered right to your mailbox!
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Online classes

Each kit pairs with an online course that teaches engineering and coding fundamentals. Step-by-step printable instructions, video tutorials, and troubleshooting guides guarantee success!
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Challenges, Badges and Points

Earn points and badges as you use what you’ve learned to create and build even more!

What can I make?

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Guard your room with an ultrasonic alarm!

Distance sensor alarm

Use an ultrasonic sensor to measure distances and warn you when someone gets too close!

Watch colors change on an LED!

Rainbow Color Changer

Code an RGB LED to cycle through rainbow colors!

Watch messages scroll on an LED matrix!

Scrolling Text Messages

Use and LED matrix to create fun scrolling messages!