Coding for kids teaches valuable STEM skills including critical thinking and problem solving.  Knowing how to code will help kids in almost every job in the future!

Check out our articles on coding techniques, programming structures, and using coding concepts to learn STEM and engineering. 

LEDs and Arduino: An Introduction

Learn to use LEDs and Arduino with this tutorial! LEDs are used in all kinds of engineering and coding projects.  Here you can learn how they work, as well as how to build a circuit and write code to get them working.  Get started with this STEM project today! What...

STEM Project Based Learning Outcomes

Project-based learning is where students gain knowledge and skills by investigating and responding to authentic, engaging, and complex questions, problems or challenges. It’s a teaching method you’ll often find in classrooms, homeschools and learning centers, and -...

While loops

A common coding structure is the while loop. This is used when you need an action or event to occur for the entire time a condition is met or another action is occurring, but not at other times.  To understand this in more depth, watch this video and learn about while...

If-Then Statements

If you are writing some code and need an event to occur only when some other event has occurred or a specific condition has been met, an if-then statement might come in handy.  Explore how these work in the Arduino IDE:  

For Loops

There are a few programming structures that are common across languages.  For-loops are one of those.  For  loops are commonly used when an action needs to be performed a specific number of times. Take a look at this video to begin to learn to build a working for-loop...

Adding a Library to Arduino

Many of the programs you'll write to run your projects require library files. These are files containing functions that someone else has already written that simplify program writing. Watch this tutorial to see how to install a library for Arduino....

Uploading Code to Your Arduino

Once you've got all the software you need on your computer, you'll need to learn how to upload code to your Arduino board.  This tutorial walks you through that process.  

Getting Started with Arduino: An Introductory Video

In order to get started with your MakeCrate kits, you'll need to install some software on your computer that will allow you to upload the programs you need to make your circuits run.  Watch this video to learn how to get it all working.

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