Parents can spend up to $1,000 a month on after school coding camps, hoping to instill the life-long value of STEM skills in their children. We get it: learning STEM is important, and we think that being exposed to coding as early as possible makes for a brighter future for any kid lucky enough to get that opportunity. But a lot of parents are looking for ways to spend less money doing it, not to mention time spent stuck in traffic, or want to find ways to be with their children while they learn. We’ve come up with a short list of alternatives to after-school coding camps that will keep your wallet and schedule very happy!

Get a Subscription to MakeCrate!

Yes, US! We created MakeCrate with a project-based approach, which keeps kids interested, enthusiastic and teaches them essential STEM skills – all for less than the cost of dinner at a restaurant, and they can be completed anywhere (especially at home!)

Khan Academy

Using video talk-throughs, Khan Academy (a nonprofit, FREE website) teaches kids as young as elementary age how to code, using games and interactive projects.


In this online platform, kids are challenged to code in order to escape mazes and solve puzzles. On Blockly, they see results of every coding action on the screen, in the form of a colorful game.

Code Wars

More geared for high schoolers, Code Wars is a website where users challenge others online to coding wars. First, you test yourself in different programming languages and after you’ve passed, you can pick real challengers online to compete against. Programs like this are great for expanding skills and increasing efficiency.

MakeCrate engineering and coding projects are made to be affordable to all! Subscriptions include projects that don’t require a bunch of extra additional costs and accessories. Shop subscription kits today!