STEM is for everyone! And it doesn’t take too long or too much money for your kiddos (or you!) to learn essential skills in science and engineering. We pulled together three projects that don’t take too much time or cash – and still give you a fun time, and plenty of education!

stem outdoors number 1

Conveyor Belt

Make a milk-carton conveyor belt with only household items from Pink Stripey Socks!

Essential Skills: Engineering


Milk Carton
Two pens

Cost: $0

Time: 15 minutes

Balloon Car

Discover wind power with this Recycled Balloon Car with Left Brain Craft Brain. Most items can already be found in most homes, and others can be found at a grocery or craft store! Ask your kiddos to think about ways to maximize the force by thinking about friction that will slow down the car they built.

Essential Skills: Physics and Engineering!


4 round things (wheels)
1 box thing (car)
1 balloon (engine)
1 paper straws (axles)
4 foam beads (hubcaps)
Something to poke holes in wheels

Cost: $0-$5

Time: 1 hour

stem outdoors number 2
stem outdoors number 3

Solar Oven

Did you know that you can directly use solar power to cook food? Build a pizza box solar oven from Take Them outside!

Essential Skills: Energy & Heat (Physics!)


Pizza box
Aluminum Foil
Plastic wrap
S’mores Ingredients!

Cost: $2-$6

Time: 15 minutes

MakeCrate engineering and coding projects are made to be affordable to all! Subscriptions include projects that don’t require a bunch of extra additional costs and accessories. Shop subscription kits today!