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How Does MakeCrate Work?

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Online Learning

Go online to get instructions to build and code your circuit.  Learn coding and electronics fundamentals with video tutorials.  Earn badges and points as you complete challenges and show off your knowledge!

Hands on Projects

Projects delivered to your doorstep monthly.  Build your own calculator, room alarm, musical instrument, and more with our all inclusive kits.  Each kit contains the part to complete at least 2 projects each month, and kits can be combined with previous kits to build even more fun!

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What comes with MakeCrate?

Step-by-step instructions

Our educator-designed step-by-step instructions walk your student through the circuit-building process one element at time, with images and text to describe help.

Video tutorials

Video content teaches how the circuit components work and provide additional instruction for learning to build and code the projects.

Challenge Yourself

Take what you've learned to the next level with challenge projects that allow you to combine what you've learned into fun new items.

Earn Badges

Track your progress and measure your success with badges, quests, and points.  See how far you've come as you progress through our STEM curriculum.

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Happy Makers!

See what these Makers are saying about MakeCrate!

“I love that MakeCrate boxes are just the right level of challenging and allow kids who feel at home around a maker studio to work on these independently. “




“There are built in challenges, but once you start getting the hang of the code, it’s easy to see how you can play with it on your own. Seeing the code work its magic on the project you just built is awesome.




“It was fun to see his face light up when the packages arrived at our door.  And being able to open them up, look inside, and be excited about the next project is really fun for ME to watch! It’s wonderful to have everything we need included…makes it a no-brainer for mom!”

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